At mono, we focus on a complete experience.

In doing so, we aim to highlight the relationship between raw nature, our ingredients and our cultural history.

Our research lab is directed by Michelin star experienced Chef Zielinski, alongside Italian foodie Joseph Crolla and his sensational team.

Expect to encounter a multi-sensory experience; visual, textual, sound, and all kinds of stimuli, as well as a good dose of contemporary classic synthesis on what we love most: Food.

Simplistic and natural interiors, complementing the effortless and fresh cuisine that follows the roots of culinary principles in Italy: excellent quality ingredients, honest cooking and the belief that food is culture. Our aim to deliver tasty Italian food with a progressive approach; locally sourced foods, prepared with modern Italian flare.

No muss, no fuss.

Simplicity with quality comes first, beneath lies only great expectations.

All this research combines to create – Mono